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Here are some of our best friends.
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    Joe and his jawbone 

  One of Bill's Great Bands  

"I'm SO happy to be working with you finally.  I love your studio,
you get great sounds and you have a great vibe and you are fast to boot!"
Chris Webster, vocalist, Mumbo Gumbo

"I hope we'll work together again some time.  You are so nice to work with, as Ari and Noah had told me.
 You are relaxed, confident and competent, with an imaginative ear and a gentle and supportive spirit."
 - Julie H, cellist

             Sourdough Slim,
          Best Of SS Vol 2 


Sourdough Slim 2          


       Hattie Craven        



       Tango Twosome     



(Boxed set of seven discs)


(Series of four CDs)

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